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Monarch Butterfly Officially on The Endangered Species List

It's official, the International Union for Conservation of Nature put the Monarch butterfly on the endangered species list. This is not an overnight instance but an ongoing struggle for the Monarch. What has caused the decline? In the past 20 years they have struggled with ongoing climate change, loss of habitat and low supply of food. There are two different populations of monarchs. The Eastern North American population, which migrate down to Central Mexico to winter. And the Western North American population (monarchs that live West of the Rocky Mountains) that migrate to the California coast along Santa Cruz down to San Diego. Monarchs need the fuel for them to complete their migration that can be up to 2800 miles. How can you help the Monarch? Plant milkweed. That's their favorite food and host plant! Not only do they feast on the blossoms' sweet nectar, their larvae chow down on the leaves, fattening up before their transformation from cocoon to butterfly. This is a one stop shop for the Monarch. Without milkweed we wouldn't have the monarch. In addition to milkweed, grow plants that bloom in each season. Monarchs and other fluttery creatures need to eat! Examples of the Monarchs favorite food are Sunflowers, Zinnias, and marigolds. Provide late summer blooms like Goldenrod. Let's give them a hand!

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