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Queen Elizabeth Celebrates her Birthday plus the other Royal Gramma

Happy Birthday to the Queen! Well, we mean second birthday. Officially the Queen was born April 21, 1926. But every second Saturday of June marks the real celebration! On June 13th Queen Elizabeth's “official” birthday party kicked off at Windsor Castle with Welsh Guardsmen doing a “mini trooping”. Normally this royal celebration would have been a mega-parade, with bands blazing, jets flying and guardsmen marching in strict unison showing off their disciplined moves. Massive crowds would be bunched together honoring the queen in a roaring celebration! This is the second time during the Queens rule that the Trooping the Colour parade has been cancelled. The last time was during the national rail strike in 1995. We’re just happy the queen is still able to celebrate her 94 years on this beautiful planet in a safe social distancing manner due to COVID 19. So today we celebrate the queen, who is also an official Royal Gramma! And we think Royal Gramma’s are pretty cute. Let’s talk about the Royal Gramma! Did you know this is actually a fish? Half of its body is purple while the other is yellow. The color purple is also associated with the royals, which is how this fishy creature got its name. You won’t find this sucker out and about on a seahorse drawn carriage waving it’s flipper at their sea-fans. You will most likely find it hiding away under coral shelfs and in dark holes! Male Royal Gramma’s tend to defend their homes from any fishy would-be invaders. The Royal Gramma also takes part in community activities including being a part of the cleaning brigade. Cleaning stations are common around coral reefs. They tend to be areas where a larger species stop and allow much smaller fish to literally clean off the parasites, and algae from their bodies. Sea Turtles love cleaning stations! As well as Rays! You might as well call this a buffet for the smaller fish, because sometimes the pickings can be good! YUM! It also is some serious aquatic community service. How regal! You might as well call the Royal Gramma a crown jewel of the reefs. Its attractive vibrant colors make it appear flashy but it remains shy, it will stand guard when its home feels threatened and will lend a hand or nibble to those who need a decent cleaning. Yes, this is one sweet Royal Gramma.

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