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Reforestation can Combat Climate Change

Looks like things are looking a little greener in Europe! There is currently a push to turn agricultural land into forests. The reforestation project is the result of scientists finding new ways to combat climate change. According to a study if 20% of the forests were increased throughout Europe, rainfall would increase throughout the region, hitting the winter and coastal areas the most. For local areas with the newly reforested lands, would likely see an increase in precipitation in the summer months at a potential 7.6% increase overall! No to mention trees reduce CO2! Let's just say this is an all around good idea. Want to learn more about this study? Check it out here!

Let's hope this reforestation trend catches! But let's not stop at planting trees.

3 Super Simple Ways to Reduce CO2

Let's limit our CO2 by walking more, or taking public transportation. Have an energy efficient home, keep those lights off whenever necessary, including unplugging gadgets not in use. And let's not forget, reduce garbage and waste, reuse as much as you can! What you throw out either enters a landfill or if lucky ti can be recycled, but this all still a process that creates a lot of CO2. Try to limit as much waste as possible!

What are you doing to limit CO2? We're a huge fan of walking everywhere! And purchasing from the Farmers Market! San Francisco makes it easy to be green. We're not perfect but every day we make a practice of it.

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