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Two ways to celebrate Worlds Ocean's Week!

Monday, June 8th kicked off the week with World Oceans Day. This day was created during the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992 by Canada’s International Center for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada. Thank you Canada for acknowledging the awesomeness of our oceans! What did I do? I was busily illustrating sea creatures. One of my top favorite things to do! I was so involved with my project that I completely forgot to take a time-out to celebrate this day….but the week isn’t over!

I live in one of the most picturesque cities in the world, with steep hills, rolling fog and that glorious Golden Gate Bridge showcasing that classic hue of international orange (not gold!) that seems to glow when the sun hits it just right. I get choked up whenever it catches me off guard, it’s just so beautiful! You know the city. San Francisco!

This town is located right on the water. You can walk from the Bay side all the way to the Ocean as long as you’re willing to do a solid huff-and-puff. Those steep hills aren’t easy to climb! But Once you hit the Richmond and Sunset districts it’s a relatively flat walk to the ocean. Hey! Did you know that these districts used to be covered in sand in the early 19th century? Locals used to call this area Outside Lands. Why am I bringing this up? Because we are an ocean faring town! You can easily see it with all the surfers that carve into the waves for a totally tubular ride or along the boardwalk at Fisherman's Wharf as fishermen bring in their daily catch. You can smell it in the air! And even hear it from the crashing waves, barking sea lions, and squawking seagulls. This is definitely a port town surrounded by sea life!

It also means that plastic debris has easy access into our ocean. It’s a direct hit! As beautiful as our town is, it really does need help with regular upkeep. I took time aside to walk from my home out toward Aquatic Park. With me, I had my gloves and a garbage bag. Plus my new Shrimp ‘n Lobster face mask, thanks to my mah and her awesome sewing skills. From then I started picking up garbage. Anything that caught my eye, I’d pick up. I was aiming for a spot near an elementary school that seems to be an epicenter for garbage to collect. My bag was nearly full after going just three blocks. I took a mental note as I was walking. And came up with Two simple ways you can celebrate worlds ocean's week. Ready?

The first way to celebrate oceans week is an obvious one! Get outside, go for a walk and collect litter. It's so easy! Everybody is talking about it too! You don’t realize how much garbage is on the street until you start picking it up and collecting it. If you’re in your car, you’ll never see it. You’ll never notice the small plastic candy wrapper, the styrofoam chunk, cigarettes, face masks, gloves, and oddly a lot of dryer sheets. Maybe that’s an SF thing. The point is, if you get outside, and take action you’ll be beautifying your neighborhood and over all you’ll feel good. I myself puffed up a bit as I returned from my short 20 minute clean-up, as my bag was totally stuffed. The sidewalk looked awesome! I love clean streets. And I love that I saved all this garbage from entering the ocean. You can do it too. It’s easy and so fulfilling! Also a bonus on this trip...I got a recipe from 1999 Fruit Punch with a little kick. One mans garbage is another's treasure right?

Here's the recipe! This is from Bar Cintra. But it looks like the author called this Party Punch. Whoohoo! Hopefully the recipe doesn't stink in the way that I found it....

I also got to see some tossed wedding photos, awkward! What happened there? There was some really unique stuff on the ground today. That's for sure! The worst so poppy-bags. What kind of person takes time to pick up their dogs poop with a baggie, tie a neat knot and leave it on the street? That one will forever baffle me.

Check out my collection!

So this week, honor the earth and the oceans by taking a walk. Enjoy the outdoors and pick up a few pieces of litter while you’re at it. It’s fulfilling to do. And the odds are, people will start to notice and do the same thing too.


If you are quarantined at home, here is the second way you can celebrate ocean's week! Go visit an!! I have been spending a lot of time watching the live cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as the Academy of Sciences. The Shedd Aquarium has been highly entertaining too! These aquariums are amazing educational institutions that invite us into undersea worlds that we would not normally have access too. I also have a special place for the NOYO center up near Fort Bragg. They have been selling my little Sea Creatures Book! We love that they took on the adventure with Shrimp ‘n Lobster. All of these aquariums need our help, especially now. For World Ocean week please donate to your local or favorite non profit aquarium!

Happy Ocean Week! P.S.

I’m totally decked out in Shrimp ‘n Lobster, my little hoodie, tee shirt and now face mask. I’m an official walking billboard. I can’t help it. I love my product.

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