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We're celebrating Climate Week!

It's Climate week! And to celebrate this week we thought we'd bring up a super sea veggie, Kelp! Have you ever thought about adding it to your diet? Surly you have already tasted some of the sea veggies out about Nori? Thats the green seaweed wrap around your sushi roll. You can even have roasted seaweed as simple snack. They are super delicious to have on hand for an easy snack.

The one thing that really makes this sea veggie spectacular is that it has zero impact on the environment. Not only do they not need fresh water, herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers to help it thrive, it actually utilizes carbon as a nutrient to grow making it a carbon negative product!

Kelp is nutritious too. Did you know one cup of seaweed is equal to five grams of protein? It's also high in vitamins A, C and E not to mention magnesium and calcium! Talk about a superfood!

Let's support the environment by giving kelp a try! You might just like it.

We know it might be tricky to find Kelp in your local market. Here's a brand that I have supported and followed since they first started! Explore something different and check out AKUA.

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