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Decoys used to Help Relocate African Penguins!

The Penguin colony in South Africa is dwindling, one of the main causes is over fishing of their most favorite food; Sardines and Anchovies! When these little guys can't eat, they starve! Yikes!!

Luckily scientists have found an area where their favorite scrumptious swimming morsels are more abundant. Additionally the area is protected from predators too. So how does one attract penguins to a new area? By using decoys and blasting penguin sounds over the speaker. Nothing says relocation like a pre-fab penguin colony! Additionally if the scientists trickery doesn't take off at first, they will be bringing young penguins to the area where they will hopefully find it a suitable home. Want to learn about the amazing African Penguin and their relocation story? Check it out HERE.

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