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Half the Globes Rivers Contain Medicine, GROSS!

How to properly dispose of your medicine.

We love the ocean and the wildlife that lives in it. We strive to help make the planet a little cleaner as we live on it. One sneaky pollutant that has made its way into nature's path is over the counter drugs.

How many times have you opened your cabinet to look over the expired bottles of aspirin, tums, prescription drugs. Even drugs from the vet! What do you do with all of this stuff? Sadly, many just toss these items out in the garbage or flush them down the toilet.

It has been reported that half our waterways on the planet contain over the counter drugs. You can check out the article HERE! On top of that, not all of our water sanitation plants are equipped with the costly filtration system to remove these toxins from our drinking water. YIKES!!

U.S Drug Enforcement Administration And The Drug Take-back Program

Luckily the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration created drug take-back program making it easier for us to get rid of those unused drugs!

Request a free Mail-Back envelope HERE.

See if a local business takes part in the take-back program HERE. Just type in your zip code and voi-la!

If you live in California check out this page on how to properly dispose of medications in bin drop off locations.

Here’s a message from Tim Carroll, a spokesperson for the U.S Environmental Protection Agency,

“EPA’s first message to everyone is do NOT put leftover, unused drugs down the drain.” - Tim Carroll

Hey guys, let's listen to Tim! And dispose all of our medicines properly. You have the resources, so there's no excuse!

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