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Happy Birthday to Claude! Turning 21 years old at the Academy of Sciences!

Happy Birthday to Claude! Our famous albino alligator at the Academy of Sciences. Today marks his 21st birthday. Claude was born in a Louisiana swamp. Luckily he was spotted and taken out of the swamp because standing out can be a little dangerous. Not only does his fragile albino skin cause serious sunburn he would have been a neon sign to predators! Claude has been a major attraction at the Academy of Sciences! If you want to learn and see more of Claude visit the Academy of Sciences where they are hosting a birthday bash!! You can also learn about the life of Claude in a delightful children's book called Claude, the True story of a white Alligator by Emma Bland Smith! If you buy it let us know what you think! We absolutely love it!! In the meantime let's celebrate this fabulous creature and it's unique life! Happy Exploring!

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