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Jeff Bezos and crew blasts off in Blue Origin's New Shepard!

Space is getting really exciting right now! First Sir Richard Branson takes off, and now Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos has reached for the stars. His traditional style rocket, The Blue Origin's New Shepard took off July 20th, on the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. The crew included Jeff's brother, Mark Bezos, 82 year old Wally Funk and 18 year old Oliver Daemon! All making space history, reaching 65 miles up! The capsule's short suborbital trip lasted ten minutes. Parachuting safely in the Texas desert.

As Explorer Club members they were granted permission to carry an explorers club flag! Bezos retrieved the same flag that he used for his Apollo 11 F-1 Rocket Engine recovery mission. This very flag was also on the 1985 Titanic Discovery mission. They also carried with them a 1784 Bronze Medal from the Montgolfiere Brothers hot air balloon. This was the first piloted ascent by humans in 1783. And finally, they carried a small square of the canvas from the Wright Brothers Flyer.

This was quite a symbolic trip! One of many to come! And we look forward to seeing Jeff return to the Explores Club with his flag at our annual gala with a mighty fine story to tell.

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