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Making History! Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier!

That's right! On this day, 73 years ago on October 14, 1947, test pilot and WWII hero, Chuck Yeager took off in the underbelly of a B-29. It was there that he and his X-1, a super fast jet, was released from the bomb bay doors; Chuck blasted the X-1 engines, to make history, flying 662 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier. - the first man to do so! This super top secret flight was never privy to the public and was only announced until eight months later in June 1948.

Today you can visit the X-1 hanging in the Smithsonian in DC, at the National Air and Space Museum. The bright orange aircraft is something you can't miss!

And hey! Chuck is a living legend! You can catch the General on his twitter @GenChuckYeager

Be sure you say hello! He really is the makings of The Right Stuff!

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