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On This Day, July 21, 1970, Construction of the Aswan Dam is Completed

On this day the Aswan Dam was completed! Egyptian President, Gamal Abdel Nasser wanted a more modern country, with that he visualized the Aswan Dam! Hoping this hydroelectric dam would generate power for all of Egypt. In reality, it powers electricity for half of Egypt.

That Dam is HUGE

The Aswan Dam is one of the largest embankment dams in the world, stretching just over 2 miles, rising 364 feet high. Construction started January 9, 1960, taking ten years to finish.

That HUGE Dam Created a MASSIVE Lake

The lake created after the dam was completed was named after President Nasser who passed away before he could see his dream realized. It is the largest man-made lake in north Africa! And one of the largest in the world. The length of Lake Nasser is approximately 340 miles long and 22 miles wide! Making it a great place to explore by boat. Ahoy!

Aswan Dam was Controversial

The construction of the dam included a bit of controversy including necessary relocation of communities along the bank of the Nile. This was not very ILLUMINATING for those inhabitants, as their homes washed away. There was also political ramifications too! Additionally, ancient structures were going to be lost forever if they didn't relocate as well. Thanks to UNESECO's rescue project, a global group of engineers and archaeologists painstakingly documented the historical buildings. Some were even taken apart and relocated to higher ground, like Abu Simbel, and others alike, unfortunately the massive fortress of Buhen succumbed to the waters.

Like It or Not The Dam Works

The Aswan dam now controls the Niles' infamous annual floods, as well as providing irrigation to surrounding farms. Not to mention providing power for half of Egypt. It also flows in neighboring country, Sudan. Providing irrigation to their farmland as well, although, the Sudanese call their side of the reservoir, lake Nubia. Lake Nasser Attracts Tourist Today, Lake Nasser, has become one of the top destinations for travelers as they explore Egypt. Visitors can check out the reconstructed temples, fish, sail, and even take a peek at the massive dam itself.

Quiz Time!

QUIZ: What is the name of the largest manmade lake in North Africa? Lake wait, Lake Nubia...I guess it depends on who you ask!

Fascinating and True

Hey! Did you know the Aswan Dam can be seen from Space! These days, a lot of high tech photography allows us to check out many structures from space, nonetheless, this high flying perspective is very impressive!

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