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Scientists discover Super Tiny Reptile in Madagascar!

On the island of Madagascar a team of scientists discovered a super tiny Chameleon. This small discovery has a huge impact, especially when it comes to the environment as its habitat was being threatened by deforestation. Luckily this chunk of rainforest in the northern part of Madagascar was placed under protection, preserving the habitat of those that live there. Thank goodness! We might not have seen this amazing discovery. By the way, did you know that a chameleon is a master of disguise? They manipulate their skin color to match their environment in order to hide from predators. How scientists were able to find this 22 millimeter...that's just over 3/4 of and inch long lizard is beyond us!

And just think...what other majestic creatures are out there that we still haven't stumbled upon. It gives us more motivation to protect our natural world. After all, there is so much more to discover out there! Learn more about this tiny chameleon HERE.

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