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Sue the Rockin' T-Rex Discovered!

It was 30 years ago on August 12, 1990 that a nearly complete skeleton of a T-rex was discovered in South Dakota. Susan Hendrickson found this colossal fossil and properly named it after herself!

You can find Sue living at the Field Museum in Chicago! Make your way up to the Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet and you will come face to face with the 13 foot tall and 40 1/2 foot long creature. The skull alone weight 600 pounds. Say cheese for the camera, she's got a toothy grin!

Be sure to walk around too. You will be transported 67 million years into the past during the late Cretaceous period. Perhaps you'll bump into some of Sue's carnivorous pals and a dino-craving or two.

This is one dino-mite exhibit you won't want to miss. Just be prepared and check in advance for any museum updates.

Great news! The Field Museum is open to everyone as of July 24, 2020. Be sure to check the website for any updates and keep yourself informed with the museum guidelines before you go. We want everyone to be happy and healthy coming and going from this amazing place.

If you are unable to go, but chose to browse their website, take a moment to donate. During these difficult times museums need our help more than ever! After all they build a community not to mention they create awesome exhibits for us to learn from! Exhibits like Sue! RAWR!

Guess what? Sue has a Twitter page! Follow before you go!

Twitter: @SUEthetrex

Also, check out the Field museum Instagram page!

Instagram: @fieldmuseum

Have fun and happy Exploring!

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