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The Corn Moon Rises! The Last Full Moon of Summer

This is no early Halloween prank! We're in full bloom of the Corn Moon. This early full moon of September has also been dubbed Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon. Can you guess why? Because this is the time of prime fruit pickings and who would have thought Barley too! This is the Summers last full moon! Don't shed a tear just yet, around the corner we'll be celebrating the Harvest Moon as we enter the early days of Fall.

Fun fact about corn! It's best to get your corn as fresh as it can be! We're talking harvest fresh! Corn Moon fresh! Pick it straight from the stock and toss it into a pot of hot water or grill! Trust me, it will cook up fast. I've got family that harvest corn themselves. They eat the ears straight from the plant, no cooking necessary.

Sweet, crisp and delicious. The longer picked corn sits around the more starchy it gets and the less sweet! Even the texture changes. You'll have to try it out to really experience a seriously fresh piece of corn! And if you do, let me know what you think!

Have a beautiful Corn Moon viewing night! A very sweet end to the Summer.

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