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The Cranberries Are Here!

One of our favorite side dishes over the holidays is the tart cranberry! This seasonal treat mainly grows in the northern part of the United States and Canada. They love the cold! And they also thrive in bogs. Some cranberry vines are over 150 years old too, still producing fruit for us to enjoy! That means, you might be eating the same berries while Ulysses S. Grant was still around. I wonder how he liked them? Fresh? Cooked? Canned? When it's time to harvest, the bogs are flooded so that the ripened berries float to the top. The rest are then raked, hence the phrase, "rake the flood." When all the berries are gathered they then get siphoned out and loaded up for packaging. What a process! The best part is, the next stop is our dinner plate! How do you like your cranberries?

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